Cancellations and Refunds

➤ From the moment of purchase and until the moment we receive all the information from you and the communications that we start to create your website, we can cancel your order without any penalty or additional cost.

Starting From the moment we have received all the information from you and we begin to work creating your website, if you wish to cancel the order on your website, a penalty of 50GBP will be applied. This penalty includes management costs, penalties and commissions from online payment companies, outside our company. This penalty of 50GBP will be deducted from the total amount to be returned.

➤ Once we inform you that your website has been completed and is ready for approval, if you decide to cancel the website for any reason, apply the 100GBP penalty for management, commission and development costs. This penalty of 100GBP will be deducted from the total amount to be returned.

Decide If you decide that you do not want your website after it has been delivered, you will not be refunded the money of your purchase under any circumstances, because, when dealing with a custom-made online product, there is the possibility of copying, hacking or scam, our responsibility being canceled to return any amount of money once the contracted product or service has been delivered and you have demonstrated your compliance with it.

➤ If you have contracted the maintenance of your website with us, we can cancel your website maintenance plan at any time until the delivery of your website is made.

➤ After being delivered on your website, if you decide to cancel the maintenance service, a penalty equal to one monthly fee will be applied, so the amount already paid at the time of the corresponding purchase will not be returned.

Delivery times

The delivery times of your website require subject to the moment we receive the information and files that we have requested by email after your purchase.

From the moment of receiving the files before modifying, check that the data is in the formats and organized correctly and the email communications that we begin to create your website.

If you want to send this information about your business, photos, logo, etc., in an email that will be sent after your purchase, it is advisable that after your purchase you also check the spam box.

You must send us all the information in one email. All the information must be sent simply by replying to the email we send you, stating in the subject: Order number Web Domain Contact Name

Sample Email Subject: # 23863 Eric Fitz

If you add additional information about your business in days after the original email in which you have sent all your business information, the delivery times of your website may be affected, and may have delayed delivery. These delays can often occur after you have purchased the express delivery package.

The creation time of your website is 5-6 business days, although you can always opt for an express package in which your website will be ready in 2-3 business days.

Hosting and Domain

The Hosting and domain services for your website are not included in your purchase, they must be purchased in particular from specialized companies.

Stand Up has no control over the management of its accommodation service since they are companies that are totally foreign to our company.

In our product pages we recommend certain web hosting services, depending on our experience working with them and the services they provide, but we have no control or responsibility for the actions or events that the contracting of their services entails.

Any problem, inconvenience or setback occurred with your hosting service, you must manage it directly with your web hosting provider, since these are services contracted by you independently from outside our company.

Hosting Migration

Once you have contracted your accommodation service, if you decide to change your provider, you must contact them directly, as well as manage the change of your website to the new accommodation yourself.

If you want us to migrate your site form one hosting provider to another, you should contact us to give you a quote, since each accommodation service has its own processes.

In any case, you must take care of the administrative tasks of canceling your hosting and hiring a new one. Our task will be to move your website from the old hosting to the new one, once you have provided the data.

Monthly Website Maintenance

These plans are not subject to permanence, if you want to cancel them you only have to notify us one month in advance before the next payment.

These are monthly plans with no permanence, you can cancel it at any time. The first monthly payment is charged at the time of purchase.

With the maintenance plans for your website, we seek to free you from the burden and responsibility of managing your website, since it is a complex and tedious task that takes a lot of investment in time to look for process updates, debug errors derived from updates etc.


Our system will save a backup copy of your web page at the time of its creation. The creation of backup copies after that date must be managed and created by you.

Once your Website is Delivered

Once we have given you all the access data of your website, it will be completely managed by you, this implies that any misuse, manipulation or inappropriate modification of it exempts us from any responsibility.

The maintenance and management is under your responsibility from the moment the email with the access data is sent, as long as you have not contracted the web maintenance service with us.

As it is a digital asset and as we explained previously, from the moment you have given us your agreement with the work carried out on its website and it is delivered, as well as all the access data of the management environments, no claim or monetary refund is accepted.

Training and Management

Private classes will not be taught to the client in the field of management or manipulation of the services provided, if said service has not been contracted previously.

In our email we attach all the information and links for the management and manipulation of the contracted services, being under your responsibility to collect additional information for your learning and training in matters that go beyond the information that we provide to you for the management of your website.

For information on management, use, modification or custome of actions that take place in the processes of your web environment, you should contact us to request a quote and contract the relevant training services.


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